Preventive Maintenance

Any man made equipment needs to be periodically maintained for satisfactory performance, and overhead cranes are no exception. Intelle Engineers undertakes to maintain and ensure upkeep of cranes and hoists of any make to keep the downtime to a minimum. Preventive maintenance can be tailored to suit customer convenience and also priced accordingly.

Break Down Maintenance

Equipment breaking down suddenly in the middle of a customer process is cumbersome and can be frustrating to the people involved in production. Intelle Engineers ensure quick response to such SOS calls and the service team shall reach the site on the same day to the extent possible to resolve the problem and put the crane or hoist system back in operation in the shortest time.

Annual Maintenance Contract

For customers who wish to have peace of mind, the comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract is customised depending on the crane details and the number of cranes in their service. The cranes and hoists under the AMC are not only periodically maintained, but also any breakdown maintenance is attended to keep the customer production process running with minimal disruption.

Refurbishment / Revamping of cranes or hoists of any make

Old cranes are refurbished and/or revamped to extract the best service life out of them, thereby obtaining better value for the investment made by the customer. Any time spare parts are needed, these can be fabricated using our dedicated facilities. The expert service team will provide an optimum solution for these requirements irrespective of the age or make of the cranes.

Upgrading of cranes or hoist system of any make

Some of the old cranes or hoist systems are beyond redemption and in such cases it is preferable to upgrade the mechanism with the latest technology available in the industry to provide enhanced service life. Such upgrade work is done including fitting Radio remote control, installing variable frequency drives, shrouded power conductor lines, etc. These will be assessed individually and a competitive proposal made.

No obligation consultancy

For the majority of end users, making the right design and choice of crane or hoisting system might be difficult as their expertise may lie in a different field for which they intend to put up a facility. For example, the automobile or paper industry. With such customers, Intelle Engineers will work closely to enable them to choose the most suitable equipment with respect to their processes and determine what critical parameters they need to look at before making a purchase. The crane design is laid out and adapted to suit the customer's factory layouts, duty factors calculated depending on the usage, etc.

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